AFCO Afco Aluminum is the primary producer and sole supplier of aluminum columns in America that are totally vertically integrated, with in-house engineering, with an in-house design engineering, aluminum extrusion  mill, electrostatic coating, and private truck fleet. Afco aluminum columns enhance the entrance of homes, providing both beauty and durability.
HBG HB&G offers a wide variety of porch products to help you create the design that best suits your way of life. Best of all, many of our products require little or no maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee.
STURDIPOST All Sturdipost column shells are made from strong cellular PVC technology. This gives the flexibility and beauty of wood, but cellular PVC will not rot, mold, warp, twist, or bow like conventional wood. Our cellular PVC shell is also impervious to termite and insect damage. PVC can also be painted to fit your design needs.


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