Bi-State Collection


 The beauty you see is just part of the story..

The ultimate in confidence.

Bi-State Building Products is proud to offer our exclusive Heritage Window Collection. These premium grade windows are built to last, while reflecting and increasing your home’s beauty and value. The classic styling is designed with durability in mind. The fusion-welded sash and mainframe, along with a non-conductive reinforcement at the meeting rail, adds strength and lasting stability. Years of continual operation and the harshest weather conditions won’t diminish their performance or appearance.

Ease of maintenance

bic2The Heritage Collection’s tilt-in design makes cleaning a breeze any time of the year. Our solid vinyl frames and sashes mean you’ll never scrape or paint again. The Lifetime Limited Warranty assures you years of carefree use.

Enjoy greater comfort, lower energy bills.

No matter where you live, it costs money to stay comfortable. In the summer, you pay to keep heat out of your home; in the winter, you pay to keep it in. That’s when ordinary windows become a costly problem. They do little to stop the gain—or loss—of heat. That’s why Bi-State’s Heritage Window Collection is such a great investment. They incorporate more than a dozen advanced design features that effectively block the flow of heat, saving you money and keeping you comfortable, season after season.

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